Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Hubby!!

Well with Valentine's Day around the corner, I thought that it would be appropriate to brag about my hot hubby. He is the best in the world, so sorry ladies your hubbies can try for a second place if they would like. I would like to share with you why I think that this is so...

*He is very supportive of my dreams and wishes.

*He never complains when I wear my sweats and no make-up

*He takes care of all of our families needs.

*He is the love of my life

*He is a worthy priesthood holder

*He make sure that I am always taken care of. For example, oil changed, tires checked, clean car, full tank of gas...

*He understand my nonsense

*His lovely locks of hair

*Date Nights

*He makes me feel needed

*He loves his little girls so much

*He make breakfast EVERY morning. UMMMY!!

*He takes me to the temple every month

*He knows when I need a break

I could go on for days, about how wonderful he is. I love him!!! He is my life.
Happy Valentines Day Babe!!! Wink Wink!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Take Time!!!!

I have sat down many time to write another blog but never get past the first sentence or two until i have someone on my lap "helping" me. I have decide that this is how life is going to be until they are both in school. So i guess that i should just enjoy every minute of it. Yesterday I got word that a innocent three year old boy had been taken from his sweet loving family, to go back home to his Heavenly Father. I can't imagine the feelings and heart ache. It makes me step back and think about my little girls and how I don't know what the Lord has in store for us, and to cherish every diaper changing, every long night, every hand print on clean windows, every flower to put behind my ear, every lost shoe, every moment of every day. I just want everyone to know how lucky I am to know the things i do. I know that there is great plan in the works and all we can do is enjoy the time we have and live they way we know we should. To anyone who may be reading this, take time today to hugs those that you love because you never know what is to come tomorrow.

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In June Lan and I will be married for FIVE years. WOW!! I have adored every minute with him and am looking forward to spending the eternities together. We have two beautiful daughters. Neveah is our almost "Free" year old, and Mercedeez is our teething 16 month old. Lan is a great daddy and husband. He owns his own Refrigeration Business, and provides for all of "his girls". As for myself, I stay at home and try to keep up with the girls.