Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Life around these parts can get a little crazy! But I hope to be a faithful blogger. I love the idea of being able to look back on different thoughts and events that i have blogged about and use it like a journal. I know that it is kinda a cop out for journaling but at least it is something. right. Well this last Sunday we had a family birthday party for Neveah, even though it is not her birthday until Friday. It is weird to think that she is going to be three. Lately when I look at her she doesn't look like a toddler anymore, she is sooo grown up and extremely beautiful. Not that I am partial or anything. But I think Lan and I are going to be in big trouble when she gets into high school. I love her personality! She cracks me up!!! She is very much into the the pretend stage. This week she has been the mom and says that I am the dad, and then goes off in her own little world tending to all her baby dolls and little sister. Add Image
I have a hard time keeping Nevaeh inside. We have about ten acres that she loves to explore. And when daddy's home, she is right next to him in his shop handing him tools and trying to figure out what the heck he is doing. She is defiantly a daddy's girl. I love her more than I could have ever thought possible!!!! Happy Birthday Princess!!!

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In June Lan and I will be married for FIVE years. WOW!! I have adored every minute with him and am looking forward to spending the eternities together. We have two beautiful daughters. Neveah is our almost "Free" year old, and Mercedeez is our teething 16 month old. Lan is a great daddy and husband. He owns his own Refrigeration Business, and provides for all of "his girls". As for myself, I stay at home and try to keep up with the girls.