Friday, April 17, 2009

Lovely Locks

Well I am sure that you guys have been wondering about Lan's hair for a while. Maybe some of you were thinking that he was going through a mid life crisis at the age of 23, and others may have thought that he was going for the renegade look. Well he cut it all off.
The reason that he cut his hair was because he caught his hair on fire at work ..j/k, No he got gum caught in it...j/k, what really happened is he was hoping that the Easter pageant producer would call to offer him a part as Jesus, but the call never came, so he got mad and cut it all off.. j/k. We have been coming up with a lot of funny things to tell people. It is great to watch there reaction! I love how people think that they have business in how long someones hair should or shouldn't be. I think a lot of them are just jealous of his dang good looks. So to all those people out there that had some dumb thing to say about my hubs hair, you are the reason for people feelin like crap about themselves! OK well now that I am done blowing of some steam... I loved his hair long and I also love his hair short. Here are some pics of the hair cutting process... Oh ya I also love his hair cut like Joe Dirts~!

Lan and his lovely Locks!!!!

The Joe Dirt Look!!!

The mop of hair on my floor

The Finished product!!!( Since his long hair was always parted, we could not get his hair not to anymore)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

4 wheelin

Help I can't get out!!!

Chris And Sarah Judds Blazer


Lan and Hyrum getting pumped to go four wheelin

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