Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Well... I almost forgot that I even had a blog for my little family. Life has been extremely CRAZY!!!! There are time that I wake up thinking... Wow, I am so blessed!! And then other days thinking... What have I done wrong!! All in all I am a very BLESSED and HAPPY gal!!

 I think I have finally discovered that happiness is a choice not just something that happens to some and skips over others. It is a choice that you make everyday, it is a choice that can bring you peace and open your eyes to all that you have in your life. I am in no way saying that I don't have bad days. They definitely come my way. I hope that when those days do come I can make that choice to disregard the criticism, and selfish feelings that seem to come with them.

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  1. Such a true statement! BTW, your kids are so darn cute!


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In June Lan and I will be married for FIVE years. WOW!! I have adored every minute with him and am looking forward to spending the eternities together. We have two beautiful daughters. Neveah is our almost "Free" year old, and Mercedeez is our teething 16 month old. Lan is a great daddy and husband. He owns his own Refrigeration Business, and provides for all of "his girls". As for myself, I stay at home and try to keep up with the girls.